Drive to land of waterfalls, Sirsi - 2

So continuing from part -1 .  This part has more waterfalls .

After a good  overnight nap ,we  took the blessing of Marikamaba Temple , Sirsi . Very famous temple built during 17th century .
We went to another religious place nearby Sirsi is Sahasra Linga ( Meaning Hundreds of Linga ). Really nice place . From here we went to sonda Mutt . This place has so many different kind of places on can explore .
Marikamba Temple
Numerous lingas
Nandi assoc with linga
Malabar Grey horn bill
Map Sonda Kingdom

Sonda Temple
The road

The road
Onake Tubewell

All these places are on Sirsi - Yellapur Highway .
From here Begins the waterfalls saga .

Shivgange falls:The Shivagange falls is a 74 m high waterfall on the river Sonda .This is about 22 km away from the town of Sirsi. The waterfall is located in an area of thick forest. From Sirsi one directly go to Shivgange Falls .
Shivagange falls
The Falls

From here we went to another falls  called Mini Niagara  of Uttara Kannada
Sathodi Falls : is a waterfall in Uttara Kannada, that is formed by several unnamed streams near Kallaramarane Ghat, 32 km from Yellapur . It is about 15 meters (49.2 feet) tall. The stream then flows into the backwaters of the Kodasalli Dam, into the Kali river. One need to walk for about 2 kms to reach the falls .
The Walk

Sathodi Falls
Mini Niagara of Uttara Kannada
Last Waterfalls of the trip .
This the mighty falls of Magod   .
Magod falls: The height of the waterfalls is 200mtrs. This waterfall has to view from View point. There is a nominal entrance charge .
Magod Falls
Magod Falls
Majjige holle Falls
Finally Sunset at Jenakal Gudda
View from Jenakal gudda

View of the Valley

There is one ancient temple nearby called Chandramouli Vinayaka Temple .Very nice temple .

Overall Travel : Bangalore-Tumkur -Gubbi-Shimoga-Shorab-Sirsi-Yellapur-Sirsi-Harihara-Chitradurga-Bangalore .
Total kms: 1250 kms
Places Visited : Gudavi Bird Sanctuary , Unchalli falls, Sirsi temple,Sahasra linga, Sonda mutt, Shiva Ganga Falls , Sathodi Falls , Magod Falls  Jenakal gudda and The Ganesha temple.
Other places of interset nearby : Yana, Viboothi Falls ,Banavasi,Bene hole falls ,Brude jog ,Lalguli falls,Wattahole falls etc.
This why I call Uttara kannada has Land of waterfalls . Most of these waterfalls are perennial. There is considerable amount of trek required to reach the waterfalls but the pains is worth it .
Trip Dates : 15,16 Aug 2009


  1. must do this circuit once!
    had been to marikamba from sirsi on to jog and karwar but never knew of these gems.
    thank you!

  2. yes you should visit these preferably during monsoon .

  3. Wonderful place. True beauty of nature.

  4. nice pictures... really creates interest to visit there... nice work Team G...

    if u get time visit my blog at

  5. Enjoyed your mush have had a swell trip!

  6. Nice info on N kanara trip, i hope to see the Pepper queens fort post too, which is located somewhere in this vicinity.

  7. Great TGS, it is a visual treat. This is for youngsters I believe :) Happy I am able to see these places thru your lens.

  8. Yellapur is a town in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. It is located in the Western Ghats and famous for Satoddi Falls and Magod Falls. Visitors can check out many places to visit in yellapur.


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