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         'Narasimha Ghada' or 'Narasimhanagadi' or 'Jamalabad' (current name) is a hill top fort nested in Kudremukh National Park . This place is about 8 kms from Belthangadi (DK). We came to know about this place when were travelling from Belthangadi to Venuru . We decided to explore this place when we were returning from Venuru . We reached the base of the hill around 2:00 pm. There is a forest check post at the hill base where we can  get a permit for entry (Rs.40/- per head) . The man there put a word  that it will be difficult to reach the top during that time since we  were already late and were asked to return by 6:00 pm. We decided to climb up to 5:00 pm and return from that point . However, we managed reached the top much earlier than expected .
         This fort was built by Tipu Sultan after capturing the local ruler and destroying the old structure. Later, this fort was captured by  British from Tipu during  the 4th Mysore war . Tipu named this fort after his mother Jamalbi .Nothing much remains expect  a few ruins here and there . Most impressive part was the trek .Though steps were laid up to the top , rain water had made them very slippery and difficult to climb.
Initial Climb
Rock Cut Steps
Slippery Pathway

   The hill top was a flat surface having ruins of fort, micro ave station and a water pond . We got a birds's eye view of the entire range of Kudremukh National Park . We were also able to spot a water falls far away on another hill.
View Mid Way
Bird's Eye View
View from the Top
Another View
   On our way to the hill top, we spotted various forms of life.
Blue Dragon
Green Dragon
Dragon Fly
Common Sailor
Camouflaged  Lizard
Spiny Lizard
Stag Beetle
Cup  Mushroom
Wild Grass Flower
This is a wonderful place to explore and popular among trekkers.

Trip Date :  27 Sept' 2009.


  1. Beautiful place and very well shot pictures and wonderful narrative. Enjoyed them. Nature at its best. I've never been to this place but it sure does look pristine! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog too. Cheers.

  2. Great pics... Loved the stairs and the mushroom pics!!

  3. What a lovely place ! I hope it remains unspoilt. All the photos are brilliant, especially the fungii.
    Pity, the fort is ruined. I like those rock cut steps very much. Even if the fort disappears,these steps will not !

  4. Such an incredible, beautiful place and I, too, hope it remains unspoiled! Your captures are superb as always. I also really enjoyed the varied life forms! Lovely and fascinating! Thank you for sharing the beauty!!


  5. beautiful images of a lovely trek!

  6. nice pics...why no pics of the fort ruins? would love to see them as well.

  7. Great pics! the place looks interesting!

  8. Rock cut steps look amazing.. Fantastic location. Thanks for sharing..!

  9. @ sid : Have lost the photos of the fort yaar . Whatever we managed to save ,we have shared .We too wanted to share the pics , but ...

  10. Spectacular shots of the place. View from the top is amazing.

  11. What a rich flora and fauna! And what a breath-taking view! Feel like jumping from there but I dare not!

  12. Just a clarification I believe it is called Jamalabhai fort, which happens to be mother's name of Tipu sultan, or is it different Dhiraj.

    1. @ Umesh . Yes its the same fort . It is called as Jamalabad fort .

  13. Very pretty scenes & a lot of information !

  14. Beautiful Place ! None of the walls remain ?

    1. @ Puru , there are many crumbling walls . We have lost some of the photos .

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