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Roadissi   Day One 

After exploring the beautiful pillared Kalyan Mantapa, we moved on to explore another beautiful temple located a few meters away. This temple is dedicated to Lord Balakrishna and was built by the Pallavas during the 9th Century. It was later restored by Krishnadevaraya in the 15 Century.
The Lord Balakrishna Temple
 Udayagiri was one of the most important cities of Medieval South India. It was ruled by the Satavahanas, the Cholas, the Pallavas, the Telugu Chodas, Gajapathis, Vijayanagar, Golconda Nawabs and finally the Britishers. Udayagiri was captured by the Vijayanagar kings in the early 14th Century. Later, the kings of Orissa (Gajapathis) captured this place along with the other surrounding cities like Kondavidu, and fortified these towns. Krishnadevaraya later recaptured Udayagiri and its surroundings and moved forward towards Cuttack to capture the Gajapathis, who then offered a peace treaty by asking Krishnadevaraya to marry their princess daughter Jaganmohini. Krishnadevaraya handed back the territories earlier held by Gajapathis up to river Godavari. In celebrating his roaring victory over the Gajapathis of Orissa, Krishnadevaraya made lavish donations to many temples in his empire, namely the Vijaya Vithala temple (Hampi), Lord Venkateshwara temple (Tirupathi) and so on. Almost all the well known and important temples down south were provided with an imposing entrance / Rajagopuras. Besides, a hundred or a thousand pillared mantapa or pavilion were added to the temple complexes. Most of the old temples in Hampi (the capital city of Vijayanagar kings) were renovated and  enlarged with an additional architectural element  "antarala".  The complete religious structure built to mark his victory was the Lord Krishna temple in Hampi where he installed the Utsava Murthy of Lord Balakrishna (brought from the Lord Balakrishna temple in Udayagiri) in the Manimantapa of the temple complex. 
Door Frame
Empty Gribhagriha
Note The Carvings of Various Animals
Lakshmi Narashima
Lord Balakrishna and Butter Churning
Rear View of Shikara
Ananthashayana Sculpture on the Shikara
Hereon, we headed towards the biggest of the Rajagopuras of Udayagiri,  the one that first caught our attention and drove us into exploring the other beauties. 

References :Vijayanagar, edited by Vasundhara Filliozat and Archaeology, Art and Religion, New Perspectives on Vijayanagara "  written by Anila Verghese.
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  1. Another terrific post with superb captures and fascinating history! I always look forward to them! Hope your week is going well!


  2. Thank you for providing historical and cultural information to go along with your pictures of this magnificent structure. The detail in the carvings is truly amazing.

  3. interesting history and beautiful images!

  4. Amazing architectural beauty. Great captures! Loved reading the history associated with it too. I agree with chitra here, thank you for sharing all these amazingly beautiful wonders with us.

  5. wonderful..since am just back from a trip down south myself...and have seen some wonderful temple architecture....i can truely appreciate this!!!

  6. Wonderfully sculptured temple.

  7. 9th c.
    beautiful temple
    like the pics

  8. Pardon for the absence lately :)

    I love all those architectures -- simply breathtaking!!!

  9. Chitra commented "Well captured pics . Your posts really open a new window for me which was unknown till now".

  10. nice collection of temple sculptures...

    excellent photography

    thanks for sharing

  11. Beautiful images and clear short comments about them! Enjoyed it.

  12. the temple and sculptures are marvelous, so tell the pictures :)

  13. -Useful info! I bookmarked it.

  14. The carvings are amazing as usual!

  15. In a place with a rich history, so many stories go untold - in this case, those of the highly skilled sculptors. Is it possible some descendants are still residing there? I would like to dig these stories up. You have now added one for place to my trip list. Thanks.

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    1. -nice blog, with great info.., keep rocking …

  17. Great pics! Vijayanagara produced great temples!

  18. Brilliant example of Pallava architecture

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